The Indologist Johannes Bronkhorst takes issue with my account of the spread of Sanskrit round the Indian Ocean in his book "Buddhism in the Shadow of Brahmanism" pp. 43-46. Following tradition, he would emphasize the role of Brahmans in spreading use of Sanskrit, rather than Hindu cults, Indian trade, and other Aryan languages more generally. Although he claims my view is "seriously misleading", he presents no evidence to distinguish his view from mine, or from Sheldon Pollock's "Sanskrit cosmopolis", which he discusses immediately after.

The 'Johnson' column in a recent Economist takes issue with my views on the future of English and machine translation.


I plan to give the following talks over the remainder of this year (2013).

1. "Crossing language barriers – effects on religion", a plenary address on 5 September at Bremen International Conference on Colonial and Postcolonial Linguistics.

2. "Mutually understandable languages in the world, their history and development", a plenary address on 15 October at Aasentunet's conference on political and historical language concerns, in Oslo, Norway

3. "Desarrollo del Sistema Verbal desde el Muisca hasta el Uwa: Participios, Partículas y Preguntas.", a plenary address on 2 November at Cátedra Pensamiento Colombiano 2013 – II (Lengua y cultura muysca), to be held at Universidad Nacional, Bogotá, Colombia

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